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Security Guard Training Certificate in Assam

Are you in pursuit of the venerable Security Guard Training Certification amid the captivating tapestry of Assam’s domains? Amidst this realm of wonder, we gracefully extend our distinguished array of Training Services and Security Certifications, thoughtfully curated not solely for Security Guardians, but also for Astute Managers, Diligent Supervisors, and Honored Proprietors. We cordially extend an invitation for you to establish a connection with us, enabling the realization of your aspirations for impeccable Security Guard Training intertwined with the coveted Certification. This unfolds against the backdrop of Assam’s resplendent landscapes, where our offerings find their home, spanning across this enchanting state and embracing locales as diverse and vibrant as Guwahati, Kaziranga, Jorhat, Tezpur, Dibrugarh, and beyond. In this tapestry of commitment, our essence resonates with the harmonious blend of security and erudition, enriching the fabric of your knowledge and safeguarding your aspirations.

Assam Security Guard Training?

Security Guard Training Certificate in Assam

Security Guard Training & Certificate in Assam

In the mesmerizing realm of Assam, the ceremonial choreography of Security Guard Training takes center stage prior to the entrancing deployment of vigilant Guards upon the stage of their duty, all in accordance with the esteemed Assam PSARA Regulations. Thus, the orchestration of Security Guard Training and the accompanying Tapestry of Certification stands as an unassailable mandate within the very heart of Assam’s jurisdiction. As stewards of instructional excellence, we stand as the beacon of knowledge, adorning the landscape with our dedicated Service Provision and Training Center, meticulously curating and conducting Security Guard and Supervisor Training across Assam’s expansive tableau. From the vibrant corridors of Guwahati to the verdant embrace of Kaziranga, the historic passages of Jorhat, the tranquil solitudes of Tezpur, and the bustling thoroughfares of Dibrugarh, our offerings paint a canvas that resonates with the very essence of regulated proficiency and educational grandeur.

Types of Security Training Certificate in Assam

According to role Training Certificate in Assam varies for Security Personnel. Some types can be mentioned as

  1. Security Guard Training Certificate for Assam Location Guards
  2. Supervisor and Manager Training Certificate fir Assam State Supervisor
  3. Owner Training / Partner Training Certificate for Assam PSARA License Application

Who can be deploy as Security Guard in Assam State?

Person who is about to deploy in Assam Geographic Location, must be

  1. Physically fit
  2. Mentally Stable
  3. Non Criminal Record – No Offence Record
  4. Having Proper Training as per Assam PSARA Rules.

What are the Documents Required for Security Training Certificate in Assam?

  1. Identity Card of Security Guard (any national identity proof)
  2. Photo of Guard
  3. Local Address of Assam or Any Reference of Known person in Assam.

Onsite Training / Trainer Service for Assam Location(s)

Amidst the opulent expanse of Assam’s dominion, we proudly present a cadre of supremely adept Security Training Virtuosos, poised to orchestrate the symphony of Security Guard Training at your esteemed venue, meticulously synchronized with the cadence of Security Agency requisites and the choreography of operational imperatives. Our Training Initiatives unfurl as masterpieces of bespoke craftsmanship, seamlessly woven into the tapestry of industry-specific wisdom. This opus encompasses a harmonious symphony of PSARA Regulations, meticulously enfolded within our training’s embrace. Akin to virtuosi composers, we sculpt Training Programs with exquisite customization, harmonizing with the rhythms of both contractual exigencies and the resplendent edicts of Government Mandates. In Assam’s hallowed amphitheater, our offerings shine as an ode to competence, an embodiment of regulatory consonance, and a testament to educational opulence.

Charges for Security Guard Training Certificate in Assam

Security Guard Training Charges for Assam – Rs. 1500 Per Guard Person Certificate Charge.

For Assam Security License Purpose Rs. 3000 Per partner/director/owner