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Security Guard Training Certificate in Puducherry

Exploring Security Guard Training Certification in Puducherry? Embrace Our Training Services and Obtain Security Certification Tailored for Security Guards, Managers, Supervisors, Owners, and More. Reach Out to Us to Fulfill Your Security Guard Training and Certification Needs Across Puducherry, Spanning Areas like Puducherry City, Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam, and Beyond. Experience Swift Assistance in Puducherry.

Puducherry Security Guard Training?

Security Guard Training Certificate in Puducherry

Security Guard Training and Certification in Puducherry

In Puducherry, Security Guard Training is mandated prior to the deployment of guards for duty within the geographical boundaries of the region, in accordance with The Puducherry PSARA Rules. Consequently, both Security Guard Training and the corresponding Training Certificate become mandatory within the state. We function as a dedicated training service provider and center, facilitating Security Guard and Supervisor Training across various Puducherry locations, such as Puducherry city, Karaikal, Mahe, and Yanam, among others.

Various Categories of Security Training Certificates in Puducherry

Training Certificates for Security Personnel in Puducherry differ based on their respective roles. Some examples include:

  1. Certificate for Security Guard Training for Puducherry Location Guards
  2. Certificate for Supervisor and Manager Training for Puducherry State
  3. Certificate for Owner and Partner Training for Puducherry PSARA License

Who is eligible for deployment as a Security Guard within the state of Puducherry?

Individuals intending to work in security roles within the geographical region of Puducherry should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Maintain physical fitness
  • Possess mental stability
  • Have a clean criminal record without any offenses
  • Undergo appropriate training in accordance with Puducherry PSARA Rules.

What are the Documents Required for Security Training Certificate in Puducherry?

Required documents for Security Guard personnel in Puducherry encompass:

    • Identification Card of the Security Guard (valid national identity proof)
    • Photograph of the Guard
    • Local Address within Puducherry or Reference of a Familiar Individual within the region.

Training conducted on-site or trainer services available for various locations within Puducherry.

Our team comprises skilled Security Training Personnel who possess extensive expertise. They are equipped to deliver Security Guard Training directly at your chosen location—whether it’s your client’s site or another preferred venue—as per the specific needs of your Security Agency and the tasks at hand. Our training programs are thoughtfully tailored to align with different industries and are designed to encompass all the guidelines specified in the PSARA Rules for training. The duration of our training aligns with the timeline mentioned in your work orders or adheres to Government Rules, as applicable in Puducherry.

Costs for acquiring a Security Guard Training Certificate in Puducherry

Security Guard Training Fees in Puducherry – Rs. 1500 Per Guard for the Certificate.

For Obtaining a Security License in Puducherry – Rs. 3000 Per partner/director/owner.